The B2B marketing automation platform for LinkedIn.

Linda unlocks the power of LinkedIn for teams, agencies and resellers across the globe.

  • Create and deliver personalised outreach and communication campaigns for your team or clients
  • Integrate outreach and communication on LinkedIn into your marketing and sales activities 
  • Measure and manage users and campaigns easily from a unified account
  • Build meaningful relationships with your prospects, customers and influencers 

Unlock LinkedIn for your Agency

We enable you to scale, manage and measure people driven services on LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Sales Navigator have become essential tools for anyone serious about running B2B sales or marketing solutions. 

However it’s not efficient or secure to have your team spending hours every day manually planning, executing, tracking, measuring and assessing activity. Especially if you are coordinating services across large teams or clients. 

Well, now you have a simple, secure platform to that resolves all these challenges, unlocking LinkedIn for your business. 

Say hello to Linda.

Get Going in 10 Minutes

Create personalised messaging in minutes using Linda’s simple but powerful guided Wizard.

Live Updates & Actions

Strike while the iron is hot! Linda tells you when people are responding to your campaigns so you can engage at the right time and make the most of every opportunity.

Do More, Achieve More

Linda works while you work, enabling you to accelerate your work day and kick your goals faster.

We're Here to Help

Chat to the customer success team anywhere in the app – The Linda team are friendly and happy to help you.

Personalised Outreach

The human touch is what makes or breaks a relationship. Linda helps you craft relevant, personal communication to start valuable relationships.

Reliable & Cloud Based

Unlike Chrome plug ins or desktop applications, Linda is reliable and runs in the cloud.

Intuitive Visual Workflow

Anyone can work with Linda! The experience is intuitive and easy to understand for anyone – from beginner to pro.

Safe & Secure

Linda keeps your data safe and always asks permission. We are compliant with all current international data regulation (including GDPR).

The Power of Social Selling

How do you talk to the CEO of a company when you’re standing in the lobby of the building? Separated by 40 floors, receptionists and a schedule blocked out until 2025.

You go online, you find that CEO on a network like LinkedIn and you connect directly. Problem solved. Linda helps you identify, connect with and speak to high value, hard to reach prospects with ease.

Enhance Marketing

Direct communication that builds trust and creates cut through.

Building direct relationships with your audience is a sure fire way to enhance your marketing campaigns; creating brand affinity, recall and cutting through the noise of advertising.

Linda enhances any marketing campaign by adding to your organic channels and building an opted in audience for your brand.

Complement Communications

Get the right message to the right people.

Linda enables you to deliver internal and external communications with ease to the right people in an appropriate setting – LinkedIn.

Whether you’re building toward a business event, relaunching a brand or engaging your employees, Linda and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are the perfect combination of tools for the job.

Build Your Brand

Your social footprint says a lot about you…

Whether you are aware of it or not, your social profiles have a huge impact on your professional life.

HR research you, prospects look for you and current clients expect you to lead by example. If you want to begin consciously building Brand You, whether you are starting your career or at the peak of it, Linda is the assistant to help you start your journey.

Plans and Pricing

Agencies and service providers the world over rely on Linda to give them an edge.

Stuart P, LindaCo


Linda has been created to help agencies scale services on the LinkedIn network.

Linda recommends working with LinkedIn premium tools to deliver the best results.

How does Linda work?

Linda is a cloud based solution that enables you to scale personal outbound and inbound activity on LinkedIn for your team or clients. Linda works with your data and all LinkedIn premium tools.

How long is the free trial?

We offer a fully supported 14 day free trial to get to know Linda and assess how we can support your team or business. You are welcome to speak to us at any time before or during your trial to discuss your requirements.

Can I use Linda with "free LinkedIn"?

We do not recommend scaling activity using “free LinkedIn” for a variety of reasons. If you would like to know more, please contact our team in chat and we can discuss your requirements and our recommendations in more detail.

Is Linda secure?

Yes, Linda is completely secure.You and your team never need to handle customer passwords or data. All Linda users log in using 2FA verification via a unique mobile phone number, so no one can access your account without your express permission. 

Does Linda run advertising?

Linda does not run any paid activity currently. Linda is here to help people build direct relationships and is focused purely on peer to peer campaigns.

Does Linda work on mobile?

Yes! Linda is fully responsive and works on any mobile device. Unfortunately if you’re using pre-Edge Internet Explorer even Linda can’t help you…

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