There are LinkedIn automation tools that help your professional profile grow and develop. These tools promise efficient results, save time and allow you to spend more on valuable work-related tasks, such as interaction with your network, content curation and other marketing techniques.

But you should use these LinkedIn automation tools with caution.

If you go overboard and crazy using these super helpful tools, it will more likely generate risks and dangers. At best you’ll annoy prospects, at worst it will even get you banned.

So how do you know if your use of automation is going the right direction or just becoming plain spam?

The authenticity of your automation process
Your automated tasks and interactions should have a human touch and imitate human behavior. If you have a repetitive robotic and generic introductions and responses, that is a sign that you’re spamming. If the receiver doesn’t find value in your messages, that is spam.
The goal of the LinkedIn community is to build a genuine professional relationship as you would in real life and not with social bots. Make sure that once you’re connected with a targeted client, make it a human-to-human interaction.

Moderation and customisation of messages
This is always the key. Your automation process should not include sending too many repetitive messages to almost everyone. That, right there, is spam. This should be your last resort when you’re building your brand through social selling.
The wise thing to do is personalise or customise your automated interactions and only tailor your tasks to your potential or targeted clients and not to random people. This is not a competition of the highest number of connections but the quality of connection and engagement you have.

Generating your content
Content may come in different forms, such as direct messages, blog posts, comments, profile summaries, and many more. To create a great impression with your target customers, your content should be well-curated and adequately composed. You have to engage moderately with quality content. Use your profile to endorse your services because your profile is your landing page. You also need to let your services and products do the selling. If you keep on pitching or endorsing yourself or your company in comments, that is spammy. Sending follow-up messages repeatedly is another kind of spam.

The goal is not to use LinkedIn automation to make everything and every action in your profile automatic because that is spamming. Moderation is always the key. Do not excessively automate every task, such as inviting people to connect, profile viewing, and sending messages. If everything begins becoming annoying, your connections are more likely to avoid you.

If you abuse these helpful automation tools, your career or company is at great risk of professional damage. Your account can be banned or restricted from the LinkedIn platform. That may be the start of your business downfall. But remember, you can control these risk factors if you do LinkedIn automation the right way.

At Linda we value the human touch; we’ve built in safety features to guide you to the right kind of automation that enhances your process and relationships instead of leaving you open to risks.

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