Today, many people and companies rely on their LinkedIn networks for sales, lead generation, recruitment as well as for research and communications. It is fast becoming one of the most valuable business databases in the world.

In order to realise the full potential of LinkedIn, it is important to take an organised approach – especially if you are using the network to develop your network or manage your professional relationships.

As with other areas of marketing, it can be very time-consuming to execute this work manually, but fortunately, there are now a number of automation solutions to help you save time without losing sight of what’s happening.

But before you dive into finding the right tool to automate your LinkedIn account, ask yourself first why. Why do you want it? Do you actually need it? Is your goal to grow your network, create communications campaigns, or to manage a team successfully?
Understanding what you want to achieve, or what problems you want to solve will make it much be easier for you to find the right tool for your needs.

There are a lot of tools for LinkedIn to help you automate messaging, profile visits, connection requests, and a lot more. Here are some criteria to look for when selecting an automation tool:

    • Ease of Use for Non-Technical user: The tool has to be user-friendly or simple enough for you to understand how to execute it.
    • Good for Team-management: Simple views of all people in your team with easy to use seat management is essential.
    • Built in Reporting: The reports should be to be simple and straightforward to be enable you to make decisions with the data.
    • Value for Money: The cheapest often isn’t the best option – bear in mind the overall value beyond price such as security, reliability and data protection.
    • Regular updates: LinkedIn updates the platform regularly to make improvements, so you need to make sure that the tools you use are responsive to network updates and will continue to work.
    • Run multiple campaigns: Any decent tool should allow the users to run multiple campaigns and be able to compare performance side by side or over time.
    • Security: You must keep in mind that native or browser-based (extensions) software can be more vulnerable to attack or security issues. They’re also typically blocked by IT for that very reason, so make sure to choose the tools are developed with security in mind.
    • Support Desktop and Mobile Use: The tool you use should be accessible to any platform.
    • Technical Help and Support: You’ll know a tool is reliable when people behind are easy to reach (and know what they’re talking about!).
    • Simple Activation: You want to make sure that the tool actually saves you time and not consumes a lot of your time setting it up and maintaining it.
    • Useful information: Don’t be blinded by science – some tools give you little or nothing (make you do the hard work of reporting yourself) while some others give you way too much.

Not All Tools Are Created Equal
There are a lot of third-party tools, including plug-ins, software applications, extensions, and bots that you can test to automate your LinkedIn activity. There are only a few however, that provide secure, sustainable solutions.

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